Kara Lane Brockington and Amber Nicole James

The Progressive Church of Mullins was blessed recently to have two (2) of it's youth recognized as finalists in the Pre-Teen Scholarship Competition for girls held in Greenville, SC, on September 1-3, 2001. Their names are Kara Lane Brockington and Amber Nicole James. Kara competed in the junior division, age’s 7-9 and Amber competed in the senior division, age’s 10-12. Both girls did a fantastic job and represented themselves well in the overall competition. They were evaluated on their academic achievements, volunteer service to their church and community as well as the development of personal and communication skills. A major emphasis of the competition was placed on community involvement such as: visiting nursing homes, assisting the homeless and the elderly.

Kara received two (2) awards: a Merit Finalist award for being just under the Top 25 girls as well as an Ad Sales award for getting a full page Ad in their Promotional booklet. Amber received one (1) award: a Special Judges award which means that there was one thing special about her accomplishments that stood out from among her peers. Even though the girls did not obtain titles for the junior and senior divisions, they maintained a positive attitude, a spirit of determination and a thirst for excellence. Most of all, the Girl’s enjoyed the experience of meeting other girls and developing new friendships.


Progressive Church in Atlanta, GA

Youth Honors’ Program – Spring Semester, 2001

On Sunday evening, September 23, 2001, 5:00 p.m., Atlanta’s youths were honored for their academic accomplishments during the Spring Semester, 2001. Sis. Carol Carter was the Program Planner and Presenter. The National Youth President, Bro. Charles Johnson attended the morning service, which was conducted by the Youth Department as well as the evening Honors Program. The Honors program outline and description of youth accomplishments are listed below.

Selection by the Youth Choir conducted by Sis. Dawn Deas

Bro. Alan Murray, Conductor, leading Prayer

Brothers: Timothy Jackson, Bobby Edwards, II, Tambourines; Emmanuel Deas, Drums; Charles

Johnson, Jr. assisting the Youth Choir with their musical talent

Sis. Carol Carter, Program Planner & Presenter

Sis. Verlene Brown, Honoree, Opening Remarks, "Work hard, you can be what you want to be."

Dec. Al Alford, Speaker, "A Tribute to High Academic Achievers"

Sis. Mary Nkrumah, Response to Speaker, told of how she excelled, and was the only one of 12

children to receive a college education. Sis. Nkrumah is a teacher for K-1st Grade.

Bro. Charles Johnson, gave remarks and a challenge to youth and youth officers

Pastor Earnest Deas gave closing remarks

Bro. Timothy Jackson, accepted the challenge as new Youth President and give closing remarks

The Honorees received their certificates including a group picture.

All of the honorees listed are Sunday school students, some are Youth Choir Members and some work with the Hospitality Committee and in other areas in the church.

Akenjen Mba. Attended Sequoyah Middle School where she successfully completed the 7th grade and maintained a straight "A" average. She received certificates in Science, Language Arts and Algebra I. Akenjen was on the Principal’s list and her goal is to become a doctor.

Kenesha Jackson. Attended Cedar Grove High School and received a G.P.A. of 4.17 for the Spring Semester. Kenesha finished Cedar Grove with an overall G.P.A. of 3.78 and is a Freshman at the State University of West Georgia. She graduated in the top 10 per cent of her class for 2001. Kenesha is currently majoring in Biology/Pre-Med.

Jonathan Jackson. Jonathan is a student at Cedar Grove High School where he successfully completed the 9th Grade with a G.P.A. of 3.3. Jonathan is an Honor Roll student. Jonathan writes and composes music, plays the keyboard and drums. He plans to attend college where he will further develop his music skills.

LaToya Jenkins. LaToya completed the 10th grade with a G.P.A. of 3.0. She received an Academic Achievers Award, and Star Student Improvement Award in Literature. LaToya plans to attend Georgia State University upon completing high school and plans to become a Dentist.

Joi Jackson. Joi currently has a G.P.A. of 3.2 and has completed the 10th grade. She was Student of the Month at Cedar Grove High School in May 2001. Joi plans to attend the State University of West Georgia upon high school graduation and major in Child Psycholoygy. Her interest is to design Web Pages.

Alisha Alford. Alisha is a student at Riverdale High School where she has completed the 10th grade with a G.P.A. of 4.0. She was nominated for the Governor’s Honors Program of Clayton County for High Academic Achievers and was a county finalist. Alisha received a certificate for all A’s from her school and a certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Achievement in Academics. She is the Church Librarian and served as one of the Vice Presidents of the Youth Department. Upon completion of high school Alisha plans to attend Spelman College where she will major in Business Management.

Isaac Ampah-Nkrumah. Isaac completed the 8th grade with a G.P.A. of 3.5 and was a student at North Clayton Middle School. He received the Presidents Education Award for High Academic Standards and Outstanding Academic Achievement, Certificate of Achievement for North Clayton Middle School in May 2001, Good Conduct Award, Math Award for maintaining an "A" average in Algebra I, and Certificate of Completion in Algebra I.

Although it is early to say where he will go to further his education, Isaac does plan to attend college.

Bobby Edwards, II. Bobby completed the 3rd grade with straight "A’s" in all areas. He is a student at Columbia Elementary School and was on the Principal’s List.

Marcus Haynes. Marcus has successfully completed the 4th grade. He has been a "High Stepper" (equivalent of Student of the Month), made the Honor Roll each semester and received a Reading Award.

Emmauel Ampah-Nkrumah. Emmauel graduated from North Clayton High School in June 2001 with a G.P.A. of 3.5. He was a member of the Beta Club, National Honor Society and the Science Club (SECME). Emmanuel received a full tuition scholarship to attend Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and will enroll during the Winter Semester beginning January 2002. He plans to obtain a double major in Psychology/Biology and a minor in English. Emmanuel also plans to obtain his Masters Degree and attend Medical School.

The Atlanta assembly currently has 4 students attending the State University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia and one student at Morehouse College. The pastor is an advocate of and encourages higher education.