EPHESIANS 4:3 "Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. "

National Women's Board Officers 2002 - 2004
(L - R)
Sister Janie Davis, Sister Callie Gavin,
 Sister Helen Williams, Sister Liller Hamilton, 
Sister Veronica Anderson, Sister Katie McMillian

National Women's Board Officers 2002-2004
Sister Katie McMillian, President (Denmark, SC)
Sister Callie Gavin, Vice-President (Tallahassee, FL)
Sister Veronica Anderson, Secretary (Hopkins, SC)
Sister Helen Williams, Member (Hopkins, SC)
Sister Liller Hamilton, Member (Denmark, SC)
Sister Janie Davis, Member (Columbia, SC)
Advisor:  Sister Laura Ashe

In Honor of 
Sister Laura Ashe, National Advisor

National Women's Secretary (1959 - 1964)
National Women's Vice-President (1964 - 1996)
National Women's President  (1996 - 2002)

In Memory of
Former National Women's Officers

Bessie F. Williams
(1900 - 1999)
National President

Helen L. Washington
(1919 - 1964)
National President

Martha T. Johnson
(1925 - 1996)
National President

Mary L. Collins
(1933 - 1994)
National Officer

Scenes from Past 
Women's Conventions 

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1996 - National Women's Choir singing

 2001 Women's Convention

2001 - National Women's Choir singing

2001 - National Women's Convention
National Women's Officers


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1996 Women's Convention
(L -  R)
Sister Katie McMillan, National Vice-President; the late Sister Bessie Williams, Mother of the Progressive Church; and Sister Laura Ashe, National President

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