Progressive Church - Saluda, SC

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Pastor Wilbert Young


Pastor and Sister Wilbert Young

Elder Wilbert Young was born in Saluda, SC on August 4, 1933.  He was raised by his loving grandparents and had a very humble beginning.  He was always known as a "good man" and a very hard worker.

Elder Young met Bishop Joel G. Washington, the late Presiding Bishop of the Progressive Churches in August of 1974 at a wedding.  Bishop Washington invited him to attend service and he came back and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ  on August 4, 1974.  He has remained steadfast ever since that day.

He received his minister's license during the Annual Holy Convocation in 1976 and he was ordained as an Elder during the Annual Holy Convocation in 1984.  He has constantly supported the local church as well as the national church because this is his love. As pastor, he has taught and preached many messages.  He has been a source of encouragement and transportation for the saints. 

Elder Young was united in holy matrimony to the former Annie Margaret Lott on December 19, 1953.  To this union three children were born:  Carrie, Macfield, and Wilbert.  All three children have been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  



Sunday School

9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship Service

11:00 am

Sunday Night

6:00 am

Wednesday Night

7:30 pm

Friday Night (Bible Class)

7:30 pm

Saluda Church Staff

Elder Henry Watson
Assistant Pastor

Secretary of the National Education Department

Deacon James Coleman
Brotherhood Chairman

Deacon Stevens

Sister Carrie Watson
Women's Aux. President

Sister Clementine Mobley
Women's Aux.

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