2nd Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

National Teacher Training Program

All local departmental teachers (Sunday School, Brotherhood, Youth and Women Department) who have not completed the National Education Department Teacher Training Program and would like to do so are urged to sign up soon.  The training program, which consists of courses such as "Understanding People" and "The Church At Study" as well as other courses, is designed to prepare our teachers to be more effective in teaching the people of God.  The training program is offered on an as needed basis. Sign up to participate soon! Please include your name, phone number, department in which you teach, and your local church assembly in your e-mail. For further information, contact the Chairman of the National Education Department, Elder Thomas J. Smith, at the headquarters church in Columbia, SC. 

E-mail Here to sign up 

National Education Committee
Elder Thomas J. Smith, Chairman
Elder George Dennis, Co-Chair (Sunday School Training)
Elder Jimmie C. Deas, Co-Chair (Ministerial Training)\
Elder Henry Watson, Secretary
Elder Roscoe Black, Member
Elder Lawrence McFadden, Member
Elder William E. Smith, Member

Thomas J. Smith
George Dennis
Jimmie C. Deas

Henry Watson
Roscoe Black
Lawrence McFadden

William E. Smith


The National Education Department was created in 1988. Its three major responsibilities were the implementation and oversight of the:

1. National Ministerial Training Program
2. National Sunday School Training Program
3. National Music Ministry

The National Ministerial Training Program includes a three year training program for men who aspire to the ministry. Additionally, "in-service" training sessions are provided, as required, for ordained ministers and elders. The National Sunday School Training Program offers a 12 session Evangelical Teachers' Training Association (E.T.T.A.) Certification Program for Sunday School superintendents and teachers. Additionally, a correspondence course has been designed for Sunday School superintendents and teachers who seek in-service enrichment.

The National Music Ministry functions to strengthen the church's ministry of music. Its mission is to educate singers and musicians regarding this "ministry of music" and to inspire them to prepare worship services that bring glory to God and that edify His church.

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